Watching Two Detectives

Watching Two Detectives

Coming soon from Sarah Ferris Media, the award-winning producer behind hits like *Conning the Con*, *Klooghless: The Long Con*, *Stop the Killing*, *The Bravery Academy*, and *Guilty Greenie*, a new true crime podcast that dives deeper into the heart of unsolved mysteries than ever before. **Watching Two Detectives**, hosted by retired NSW Police Detectives Scott Rogan and Peter Hogan, revisits the cases that have haunted them, bringing new insights and revelations to light.

Season One: If Tomorrow Never Comes

In our gripping first season, "If Tomorrow Never Comes," we unravel the chilling and complex murder of Michael Furlong. Unlike any crime story you've heard, this case twists on its axis with developments so shocking, they'd be dismissed as too unbelievable for a Hollywood script.

Scott Rogan and Peter Hogan are not just recounting the case; they're reopening the files with a personal connection that adds layers of depth and humanity to the narrative. Joined by the detective who led the investigation, Clive Ainly, this season offers unprecedented access to the people closest to the case. Michael's son Luke, who was only 11 at the time of his father's murder, and his ex-wife, Colline, share their poignant journeys of seeking answers and closure.

The Story That Grips Your Soul

This isn't just a recounting of facts; it's an exploration of the ripple effects of a single act of violence. From the crime scene that shook the detectives to their core to the heart-wrenching irony of Michael's last gift to his ex-wife—a CD featuring Ronan Keating's "If Tomorrow Never Comes"—this season brings you closer to the case than ever before.

Why You Can't Miss This

Deep Dive

Go beyond the headlines and the cold facts. Experience the human side of a true crime story, accompanied by those who lived through it.

Unprecedented Access

Hear directly from the detectives who worked the case and the family members still seeking answers.

Shocking Twists

Just when you think you've understood the case, new revelations emerge, each more surprising than the last.

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Watching Two Detectives: If Tomorrow Never Comes is more than just a true crime podcast; it's a quest for justice, understanding, and closure. Join Scott Rogan, Peter Hogan, and their guests as they delve into a case that forever changed their lives and may just change yours, too.

Original music by Eleventh Stone: Peter Hogan and Greg Wilson.

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