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Watching Two Detectives

Coming soon from Sarah Ferris Media, the award-winning producer behind hits like *Conning the Con*, *Klooghless: The Long Con*, *Stop the Killing*, *The Bravery Academy*, and *Guilty Greenie*, a new true crime podcast that dives deeper into the heart of unsolved mysteries than ever before. **Watching Two Detectives**, hosted by retired NSW Police Detectives Scott Rogan and Peter Hogan, revisits the cases that have haunted them, bringing new insights and revelations to light.

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Watching Two Detectives Podcast
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Conning The Con

Introducing Conning the Con

| S:1



Stop The Killing

S4B38 From Archives to Fresh Content

| S:4 E:38

The Bravery Academy

Get Ready for Something Special: Watching Two Detectives

Guilty Greenie

Get Ready for Something Special: Watching Two Detectives